What your daily habits & actions are trying to tell you?

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Nobody actually knows what they’re doing or want to be doing. We are either guided or misled at the start of our life or actually tricked into doing something because others are doing it.


Some are persuaded to do certain things or take on a distinguished career, nail a prominent degree to guarantee a successful, stress free life later on. If you didn’t get what you set out to achieve based on family or peer pressure you can always switch later on.


This is where it gets tricky.


The time you lose, or invest as they would love to say, and the moment you discover you hate what you’re doing and the final day of reckoning AKA the switch could take up to anywhere between seven to twenty years of hard labor.


That was yesterday with all the old mentalities ruling the "what you should do world".

Everyone has an opinion, an asshole too and so many outcomes are similar.


What’s even worse is before the year 2000 you most probably would retire with the thing you started doing.. imagine living a life, forty years of doing something you hated? Why? Because that’s how things are.


Roughly around 2010 with all the tremendous amount of information and debate of old beliefs and practices, debunking crazy myths you barely had an excuse to stick to what you were doing if you didn’t like it, let alone hate.


After 2020 you simply were an idiot if you stuck to something you couldn't stand with all the endless possibilities and tools at your hand. I guess the only major thing that stopped many was fear of change.


Today it is absolutely ok to:


Be wrong and make mistakes


Stop what you do


Check, reevaluate your life


Take on short term gigs


Not be loyal to any organization


Collaborate on jobs with others who you don’t know or even want to know


Change course many, many times and do something rewarding even if it’s not about money.


We live in an age of individual freedom without any boundaries and a never ending supply of tools that keep getting better, faster and actually need you to survive and thrive.


The real win-win situation.


So how do you know you’re doing something you don’t enjoy?


You start by looking for clues in all the unusual, yet in front of you including places and activities.


What you actually love to do has a lot to do with it.


The thing that makes you smile, happy, laugh and cheerful.

The kind of stuff that you simply can’t get enough of until you feel you’re wasting your time and guilty towards yourself.


That right there is where you start!


Here are some questions to ponder on, with one simple rule ( don’t let the old school and thinking questions take over your conversation, questions like “Can that make me money?” “How can I convince my parents, my spouse, my children and friends?” “ What will they say?” “Am I too old for this?”)


Here are the questions that carry the clues you seek:



What do I do automatically when I have nothing to do?

For how long do I do that?

When do I stop or get fed up with it?

How do you feel before you start, during, after?

Are you in your natural habitat?

Do you feel like you belong here?

What makes you keep coming back for more?

Does it always disrupt priority/to-do lists?

Does it fall under your procrastination file?

Do you like doing it even if you are tired?

Does it need a lot of convincing?


Now when you get the answer to the above deep dive investigation take it, look at it, admire it and place it in the middle of a white piece of paper and start directing it.

Analyze it.

Ask the why, what and how questions.

Remember to take as much time as you like in this personal life changing exercise. It is your life you know. And it is not some procrastination debugging.

Now I will show you how this applies to certain things and practices people do and are ashamed of doing, even in their spare time!


If you draw, doodle, cartoon..


It’s art and under that there’s a whole world underneath its surface:


Design, creativity work, advertising, marketing, fashion, modeling, disruption..etc.


If you like to play anything:


Creative work, fun activities and travel, solving problems, exploration, excavation, writing, competing,

sports, game design, game testing, group think, debates, simplifying and gamifying boring work and apps..


If you like to read and write:


The world is your oyster and I am not kidding, everyone needs writers and readers insight, even with extremely smart AI.


Finally, this could be another blog you enjoyed or not, or it could spark the next chapter in your life,

except this time a hundred more times more fun and continuous happiness.