Mission Statement !


To identify creative, personal & business solutions. By focusing on the strongest elements and filling the gaps. The outcome is a successful unique and powerfully branded version.


ابتكار واكتشاف الحلول والتغيير للفرد والاعمال المختلفة
بالتركيز على اقوى النقاط والمعطيات واكتشاف وسد جميع الثغرات لتكوين براند او عمل تجاري مميز 



My Story

15 years banking experience; Treasury, Retail, Private banking.  My roles where mostly management from the very start; Supervisory, management, branch management, regional management and country management. Hired and managed hundred of individuals.





Transforming normal people to heroes in their filled. Changing normal boring repeated business projects into unique, creative and highly wanted profitable business models.

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للشركات والمتاجر


Help them change the culture, sales and customer experience from any level they are in

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I have written several books my latest was “ Companies, Snakes & ladders”

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Content Creation

 صناعة المحتوى


I host the most successful and first Arab business podcast Talk Business always on the Top 10 charts of the Arab podcast world. I blog, tweet and host events.

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Online Courses

 الربامج التدريبية والدورات المسجلة


I provide one of a kind powerful programs, to gain normal employees into business leaders and intrepreneur.

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Business & Entrepreneurship


Created many projects, owned a few and lost some too. First steam car washing solutions in the Middle East.

Currently: Creating a unique application in one of the most lucrative industries to be released towards the 4th quarter of 2023.


Online programs and courses

البرامج التدريبية والدورات المسجلة


Consulting for you or your business

استشارات فردية وتجارية


Group and company training and speaking

التدريب في الشركات والخطابة


Interviews with influential people

مقابلات للشخصيات ورجال الاعمال في البودكاست


Sponsorship of your business on my podcast

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