What is normal?

attention economy change economy generation z life mamdooh radadi normal tech time May 16, 2022

I talk to a lot of friends, some at coffee shops, over the phone or like many of us on social media. The one thing everyone of my friends have in common is the fact that they all complain.

What are they complaining about? 

Change and sign of the times.

What is happening around us?

Why is it happening and why is it happening so fast?

First of all, my friends actually represent all age groups except Generation Z, but I can still relate because I have children.

Change has always been the good kind of bad, the good stuff we really need but don't want because we know it'll forever take away our comfort zones and times.

There is this one thing that I managed to grasp from our conversations, a lot of talk about normal.

What is normal?

In my humble opinion it is a state or thing or feeling we are accustomed to. Everything that we know how to deal with, operate, live with and set to auto pilot is normal.

But you see, the world has never been in a normal state, it's always changing, slow but forever and never once has it stopped evolving.

Today we live online more than offline. Time is consumed by whoever captures our attention, hence the attention economy was born and continues to thrive on our eyeballs.

Do yourself a favor, stop demanding the world stops evolving because you don't like that.

You didn't say that? yes you did, complaining about nothing being normal is exactly that.

The new normal is not the normal you're used to, it will always be abnormal, so enjoy your normal while it lasts.